Filson Northern Quilted Vest

I’ve been on the fence for a good month and a half now about what vest I’d like to get this fall.  It’s just how I operate: waffle on something for a very extended period of time, and then finally make a decision.  But in terms of a great vest for the fall, the Northern Quilted Vest from Filson looks like the one…. It’s a very simple vest at a great price.  Made with quilted nylon and a polyester lining, it should suffice for cooler weather here in the South.  I also think it’ll be great for layering.  I can’t find it at any outdoors stores near me, so I can’t really check it out in person.  So I wanted to turn to you, the readers, for some feedback.  Does anyone own this vest?  How has it held up for you?  Is it warm enough?  How’s the fit?  Care to offer your thoughts on it?  I’m leaning towards either the Olive Green or Black…

I know Filson does it right with a lot of stuff… so help me out.  Do you think this vest is perfect?


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  1. I have purchased quite a few things from Filson, and, rather unfortunately, have had to return most. The cut of their clothes is quite vertical and can tend to gather around the upper waist. This looks to be not a whole lot different in their cut.

    Give it a try though. As a company, you simply can not ask for better service. If ever in doubt, simply call their flagship store in Seattle, an they will set you straight.

  2. Doc– Thanks for this intel… this is very helpful. I’ll have to give it a try. I have a longer torso, so maybe this vest will work. If not, it’s good to know Filson has great customer service!

  3. I would have to second Doc’s assessment. They are an absolutely amazing company, just burly luggage with character to share, but their fit for clothing has also remained very traditional and failed (‘failed’ is probably too strong of a word, but it will suffice) to evolve with the times. They are very boxy and roomy, and shirts have a LOT of length in them (made for tucking in, but bad for hanging out; looks like a nightie). I tend to size down, and send to the tailor for the items I adore (like the feather cloth long sleeve shirt, nothing better for traveling, IMO). My two cents…

  4. Very nice looking indeed. The high collar doesn’t lend itself as easily to wearing a tie and showing a shirt collar nicely. If I may, I just got a great Barbour waistcoat in black from Orvis in Atlanta. Great for layering. True vest cut and shape, with the outdoorsy English quilting. Nice buttons with Barbour engraving. $100 in black or olive. I got the black. Check it out.

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