Head to Toe: Sid Mashburn

For the final day of the “Head to Toe” theme this week, I decided to go with one of the master haberdashers of our time: Sid Mashburn.  I was trying to figure out what brand to look at for today… sure there are more affordable brands that I would very willingly deck myself out in head to toe.  But what the hell?  Toss out that budget… Fire your accountant… Screw your bank account.  Deck yourself out in the goods offered by one Mr. Mashburn of Atlanta, GA.  Sid offers classic pieces of menswear, all while focusing on functionality and fit.  Not a bad idea, if you ask me.  It would be easy enough to just post a picture of him, and just say, “Here ya go!  That’s it!”  But I guess it is better to break it all down.  Sid doesn’t make his clothing and accessories available in a webstore format.  But a proxy site, Taigan, does make it possible to buy online.  Obviously, not everything is available on Taigan, so if you don’t see something you’d like and can’t make it down to Atlanta, just call his store.  For today, I’ll just stick with what’s available through the proxy site.

Sid Mashburn Pencil Stripe Dress Shirt

Sid Mashburn Navy Silk Knit Tie

Sid Mashburn Belt

Levi’s Selvedge 1966 501s- Rigid

Peluso Brown Penny Loafer

Filson Tote Bag

Languiole Pocket Knife- because every style-minded guy needs one… just in case you gotta cut someone (just kidding).

Sid Mashburn’s shop definitely has it’s own aesthetic.  He focuses on classic pieces that every guy can wear (with a little of his own tastes injected in).  Add one of his expertly tailored sportcoats, and you’ll perfectly set, head to toe.


9 responses

  1. I carry a knife too. And it’s not because I live in a rough neighborhood; quite the contrary. I live in a nice neighborhood with a lot of great food shops – shops that specialize in aged sausage, & cheese, etc. And what do you use to cut these items when you randomly pick some up, and head to the park with the goods in hand, and a bottle of prosecco? That’s right, the pocket knife.

  2. Sam– I hear ya. One of my fraternity brothers (while intoxicated) was once stopped by a police officer on the street. He had a pocket knife in his back pocket. The cop asked why he had the knife. His drunken response was, “In case I gotta cut something!!!” The officer could only say, “Alright.”

  3. Great post – Taigan is a pretty good representation of what’s in the store… DAM is right – the shoe/belt combination looks nice, especially with the dark denim.

    Funny pocketknife story – no man should ever be without one…

  4. Way to end the “head to toe” segment. I cant believe that on my last visit to ATL, I was staying a block away from Sids store and did not make it do to time constraints. I blame it on booz and womens. I love ATL; great place. I will definitely make that my first stop on my next visit to ATL.

  5. For another fantastic French pocket knife, check out Opinel. They’re simple, cheap, and elegant– the peasant’s tool par excellence. The No. 8 is just about the perfect size.

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