Billy Reid Fall 2011

This past weekend, your favorite designer and mine (well, definitely mine, maybe yours too), Billy Reid, hosted his Fall 2011 Show for New York Fashion Week.  After seeing some photos from the event, I must say that I’m liking everything he has in store for us.  The collection was dominated with peak lapels, worsted wool, dark charcoal outerwear, and handsome, chocolate brown suits.  I’m especially happy to see him use the stiped wool blanket pattern (made popular this year by The Hill-Side).  To see photos from the whole show, head over to GQ.  These were some of my favorite looks:

Things are looking pretty perfect from Billy come this fall.


4 responses

  1. Would it be accurate to say he is breaking away from the trend of smaller lapels?

    If so, that’s music to my ears because I just can’t pull off the skinny tie look.

  2. Love the double breasted blazer except for the weird juxtaposition of the top butttons and the bacth breast pocket. I would have left them off.

  3. Ben– He could be breaking away from it, but I bet he’ll still have a few in the collection.

    Jay– I see what you mean by that, the patch pocket next to the top button is a bit awkward.

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