D.o.P. Spotlight: Huckberry

We are very pumped to announce a new partnership with Huckberry. It’s no secret – these guys know what they’re doing. In just a few years, the San Francisco based website has become one of the coolest corners of the Internet by curating some serious style and gear.


Beyond having an awesome selection of vintage Rolexes, US-made denim and footwear, and shops like “Everyday Carry Essentials,” friends of the blog Old Try and FormFunctionForm even have products stocked on Huckberry’s virtual shelves. Can’t beat that! So head over to browse their fantastic goods, read some amazing content,  and give them some love.

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We can officially say that there is only one more month until the greatest time of the year: the start of college football. Now for some of y’all, like say fans of South Carolina, UCF, or Georgia Tech for example, you have a little less than a month. But for me and my fellow Rebels, Ole Miss’ 2015 football season starts in 31 days. I can hardly contain myself.

Unfortunately, I’m only going to be able to make it down to Oxford for one game this year (the Texas A&M game for those of you wondering). But this is looking to be quite the exciting season, and hopefully the Rebs can keep the momentum of last season going (except for that time we were steam rolled by TCU in the Peach Bowl… but TCU should have been in the CF Playoffs).

So who’s your team? Who do you think will take the SEC West and SEC East? Who do you think will make this year’s CF Playoffs? I know who me and the King are pulling for…


Hotty Toddy!

Dan Mullen and his Yeezy Boost 350’s

For long time readers here, y’all know I love college football. I’m an Ole Miss fan through and through. Because of this, I hate Mississippi State with the fires of a thousand burning suns (because #rivalry). So seeing that Dan Mullen was rocking some of the most sought after sneakers this year at SEC Media Days and being a dork about it, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. And what’s with the excessive use of the word “swag” and the numerous variations of that word? “I gotta keep it swagged out with my swagilicious Yeezy’s down in Swagsville swaggy swagged swag DERP.”

In all seriousness though, Coach Dan wearing those shoes makes him infinitely cooler in the eyes of his players and a lot of potential recruits. And in the eyes of Ole Miss fans, we still just can’t stand him.

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Hell on Wheels

Who doesn’t love devoting days of your life to binge watching a fantastic show on Netflix? I may or may not be ashamed to admit, I’ve done this many times over. I actually think I may prefer watching a few episodes in a row using a streaming service over the traditional “one episode a week” for live airings on TV. As is the case, I’m usually (not always the case) a season behind everyone watching shows on TV. Hell on Wheels is one of those shows.

Netflix just recently added the fourth season to stream, and I’m pumped. My wife and I watched just one episode last night, and I can tell it’s going to be great.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, Hell on Wheels is the story of Cullen Bohannan (played by Anson Mount), a former Confederate soldier on the hunt for the people responsible for the deaths of his wife and child during the Civil War. This search brings him out west to the construction of the transcontinental railroad. Every character’s story is so compelling, and the actors who portray them do a wonderful job.

Season Five is set to air on AMC on August 2nd, so get after some binge watching to catch up. And if you are caught up, no spoilers, please.






Oxford Square

It’s always good to have a favorite. Whatever it is: a restaurant, a cocktail, a song… these favorites can help define one as a person and make us who we are. I recently ordered the “Oxford Square” t-shirt, and it’s quickly become my favorite.

Made from American Apparel’s tried and true Tri-Blend shirt, you know it’s soft and fits well. And with a fantastic design that those Old Try folks have become known for, I can’t help but wear the hell out of this thing. I’ll definitely have to check out their new venture also, Victory Brothers, which continues using fantastic design but to honor those who have proudly served our country. You should too…