Getting my fitness on…

I’m officially two weeks away from turning 30. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not that old of an age. But it’s a milestone that causes most people to feel like they’re getting up there. This summer leading up to my big 3-0, I’ve focused on eating well and working out a bit more to keep my youth. I’ve focused on clean eating, sticking with a Paleo-style diet because it’s what works for me. I’ve also been taking care to get some calisthenics and running in four or five days a week. Honestly, it’s all been great. I feel better and I’ve dropped about nine pounds (not that I need to “lose weight,” but I could stand to lose a layer of fat).

Any time I feel ambitious enough to make some health changes for the better, getting some new gear makes me inspired to stick with this choice. Here are a few things I’ve been using on my workouts lately; hopefully it keeps me young.


Nike Ole Miss Cap – Gotta keep the hair back and the sun out of my eyes

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 8.36.52 AM

Any t-shirt will do – I like this soft crew neck by Ace Rivington


Withings Activite Pop Watch – Swiss made watch that syncs up to your phone to track everything

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 8.18.45 AM

Myles Apparel Everyday Short – Tailored fit but still moves very well

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 8.54.52 AM

C9 by Champion Running Socks – Target socks… these work just fine, no need for super expensive athletic socks

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 8.20.39 AM

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 – I’m pretty brand loyal, and I’m a Nike guy when it comes to running shoes

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 8.53.15 AM

Epic Bar Hunter/Gatherer Snack – Post workout snacks are a must



One glance at Tumblr over the past year and a half (give or take a day or two), and it would be hard to miss seeing stylish guys wearing running shoes with traditional, tailored menswear or a pair of Jordans with overpriced slim-fitting sweatpants.  As someone who was never a huge basketball fan, I was never really one to save that hard earned allowance and blow it all on a pair of Jordans or Air Penny’s (although, I really wanted those Shawn Kemp Reeboks when I was like 9 playing youth basketball).  But I have always loved a good pair of running shoes, and I’ve always been pretty brand loyal towards Nike.  So I’m still always interested when there’s a new release of super hard-to-find, limited edition, AKA “these will sell out before you even have a shot at remembering what day they were supposed to be released,” shoes.  But since those shoes are often so hard to get a hold of, I’m glad that Nike does a great job of keeping really good options decently stocked that will still stand out.  Before babbling on for too long about “the Nike’s I really like,” just check them out below… As you can see, I’m a pretty big NRG fan:





Nike-Roshe-Run-Graphic-Mens-Shoe-555445_440_AThere’s a reason why Nike is as good as it gets in the sneaker game… Just perfect.

Wear your “Masters Green”

Because it’s Masters Week, it’s pretty appropriate to throw on a piece or two you may have worn a few weeks ago for St. Patty’s Day.  I like to wear something green everyday leading up to the Masters during this week.  Is that a bit overboard?  Yes, very much so.  But I don’t care, I’m a golf fan and I’m excited.  Now please, don’t take this post as a recommendation to wear “head to toe” green.  Do.  Not.  Do.  That.  But you can certainly throw on a green silk knit tie with your navy blazer or wear your emerald green sport coat with jeans, and you’ll be showing your colors.  So if you’re looking for anything green you can grab for future Masters weeks, here are few ideas for ya…

Sid Mashburn


L.B.M. 1911

J. Press

Kent Wang

Nothing like wearing a perfect color like Masters Green to show you’re ready…

“A tradition unlike any other.”

Masters Week is a time I look forward to pretty much every week that isn’t the first week of April.  The excitement, the roars of the crowd, the numerous story lines… I love it all.  With play beginning Thursday, I’ll be cheering for my favorites: Adam Scott, Bubba Watson, and Brandt Snedeker.  Needless to say, I’ll be watching every shot, and if I can’t, I’ll have my iPhone out with the Masters app running and draining my battery.  The tournament is steeped in tradition, dating back to the inaugural Masters being played in 1934 at Augusta National, a club being only two years old at the time.  Created by the legend Bobby Jones and investor Clifford Roberts, the tournament has grown to be the most recognized golf tournament in the sporting world.  If you’re not yet excited about the Masters, head over to Red Clay Soul this week, as Jay is also devoting his time on the blog to this incredible tournament.  But before that, take a gander of some of my favorite photos of a few of the perfect men to walk the hallowed grounds of Augusta National courtesy of



Gary Player

Legendary Caddy Carl Jackson



Reebok RealFlex Transition

Well this isn’t necessarily menswear related, but I’m too big of fan not to write about it.  I recently purchased a pair of Reebok RealFlex Transition shoes, as my last pair of trainers weren’t cutting it with my workouts.  I must say, these are literally the best pair of athletic shoes I have ever worn… hands down.  They are incredibly lightweight and flexible, but what I like is they offer full support throughout the shoe.  If you’re looking for shoes to work out in, grab these… hell, grab a pair in each color (there is a #menswear friendly “French Blue” color available).  Here’s what Reebok has to say about them:

Train light on your feet with added control. Exclusive RealFlex technology helps promote natural movement of the foot. Individual flex-friendly “nodes” are designed to help your feet move and flex as you work out. The RealFlex Transition adds reinforcements in the front and back to enhance stability through your workout. The single layer polyester mesh upper has a hotmelt appliqué to add strength with minimal weight. The thin micro suede tongue won’t crowd your foot. The full collar lining and added heel counter add extra comfort that lasts throughout your workout, with a molded sock liner for cushioning.

Not your normal post around here… but still, these are perfect.

D.o.P. will resume it’s regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow…

Until then, and going back to last week, I am breathing and living every bit of the coverage leading up to the NHL Trade Deadline today at 3 PM ET.  I’m sure all the sports fans out there understand.  Big things have been happening with players like Jeff Carter, Wojtek Wolski, Kyle Quincey and Pavel Kubina being moved to new clubs as the playoff push nears an end.  But the big fish out there in the sea of trade-ables is superstar and Columbus Blue Jackets’ captain, Rick Nash.  And as of yesterday afternoon, my favorite team, the Nashville Predators, have apparently made a substantial offer for the big winger.  So it’s easy to see why nothing else in my life matters right now… I mean, if we landed Nash, think of how easy headlining writing will be for sports writers.  Ha!  Anyways, like I said, menswear and the like will return starting tomorrow.  Until then, join me in my obsession by following action on or view live streaming of SportsNet coverage here.

The NHL Trade Deadline certainly is a perfect part of the season…