Hell on Wheels

Who doesn’t love devoting days of your life to binge watching a fantastic show on Netflix? I may or may not be ashamed to admit, I’ve done this many times over. I actually think I may prefer watching a few episodes in a row using a streaming service over the traditional “one episode a week” for live airings on TV. As is the case, I’m usually (not always the case) a season behind everyone watching shows on TV. Hell on Wheels is one of those shows.

Netflix just recently added the fourth season to stream, and I’m pumped. My wife and I watched just one episode last night, and I can tell it’s going to be great.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, Hell on Wheels is the story of Cullen Bohannan (played by Anson Mount), a former Confederate soldier on the hunt for the people responsible for the deaths of his wife and child during the Civil War. This search brings him out west to the construction of the transcontinental railroad. Every character’s story is so compelling, and the actors who portray them do a wonderful job.

Season Five is set to air on AMC on August 2nd, so get after some binge watching to catch up. And if you are caught up, no spoilers, please.







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