How’s Life Been Treatin’ Ya?

Hey guys. Long time. So for the folks who still make their way to this blog, I thought I’d give an update on my life and this site.

Since I started writing/blogging here at Dreams of Perfection five years ago, I’ve gone through a few milestones in life… I turned a quarter-century shortly after starting the site, and here I am now a month away from my 30th birthday. I changed careers, and I’ve lived everywhere from Nashville, to Morgantown, WV, to Scranton, PA to Chicago. Since starting this blog, I started dating a beautiful, smart, and driven girl, who then became my wife a few years later.  We’ve adopted two dogs. Life has been quite good to me.

So why has this blog sat stagnant for the better part of 2+ years now? Well there’s been a few reasons. The quick answer would be life has just kept me busy. But that’s also the lazy answer. Sure, we all get wrapped up in work sometimes. But I’ve used that as an excuse to not put as much effort into some of the creative outlets that previously brought me a lot of satisfaction.

Beyond that, another instance left a bad taste in my mouth in the blogging world. A few years ago, I purchased the dot com domain name for my site. I kept it for a little while, but as the blog took a backseat to other aspects of my life, I decided to just go ahead and let my ownership over the domain expire. Little did I know, it would be targeted by bots that took the name and made it another site using my site’s name. In addition, they even took some of my own original content, tweaked it and made it their own. Without going into further detail, there was nothing I could do. I’ve now gotten over that episode, as it was ultimately my fault for not protecting what was mine.

So as far as what this blog is now, I’d like to begin using it as what it originally was: a creative outlet highlighting all the things I like. Menswear will still have a heavy presence. My thoughts on sports will also be sprinkled in, as I still love keeping up with hockey, college football, golf and baseball. Beyond that, who knows… we’ll see.

Keep coming back, because content will ramp back up.  Maybe not daily, but any output is better than what this site has done in the past few years. Thanks, y’all.

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