NYFW: Billy Reid Fall 2013

So New York Fashion Week is coming to an end (FINALLY!!!!  Amirite?!?!).  But with the week closing out, I hope you don’t think I was just going to skip an opportunity to write about the most recent collection from my favorite designer, Billy Reid.  While a snowstorm was brewing outside , our favorite Louisianian livin’ in Alabama showed that we Southerners sure can fake the ability to make it through cold weather with some of the most beautiful pieces of outerwear and the coziest of cozy sweaters featured the whole week.  As expected, Fall 2013 for Billy was full of all shades of earth tones.  But the unexpected inclusion of more dark colors, from charcoal to all black, was really nice.  Also, check out the roped shoulders on the suiting… fantastic!  My absolute favorite piece was the black (what looks to be double-breasted) overcoat with big patch pockets.  Pour yourself a bourbon, and check out the perfection of Billy Reid Fall 2013.  These are my favorites:









_FSM6838.450x675Photos courtesy of Style.com


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