Field & Crew Watch Post Pulled

So some of you may have seen a post from the other day about the Field & Crew Watch Kickstarter project, and now you may have noticed it is no longer here.  While I did not realize it at the time of the original post, it appears there may have been a little “ripping off” going on.  Thanks to Joe from, we can clearly see that the Field & Crew photo is just a Photoshopped version of a picture of the Button-Stud Watch Strap offered by our good friend Shawn from Form·Function·Form.  All one needs to do is scroll down to the bottom of Shawn’s site and see that all product designs and photography has been copyrighted.  So until it’s proven untrue, I don’t want to promote a project that takes part in copyright infringement.  Apologies to Shawn and to you, the readers, as well.  Head over to fff and buy the real thing; they’re perfect.

FandC-vs-FFFPhoto courtesy of


2 responses

  1. Thanks for the support, my good man–moreso, thanks for being the kind of person that I absolutely know would never knowingly support this sort of tomfoolery.

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