One glance at Tumblr over the past year and a half (give or take a day or two), and it would be hard to miss seeing stylish guys wearing running shoes with traditional, tailored menswear or a pair of Jordans with overpriced slim-fitting sweatpants.  As someone who was never a huge basketball fan, I was never really one to save that hard earned allowance and blow it all on a pair of Jordans or Air Penny’s (although, I really wanted those Shawn Kemp Reeboks when I was like 9 playing youth basketball).  But I have always loved a good pair of running shoes, and I’ve always been pretty brand loyal towards Nike.  So I’m still always interested when there’s a new release of super hard-to-find, limited edition, AKA “these will sell out before you even have a shot at remembering what day they were supposed to be released,” shoes.  But since those shoes are often so hard to get a hold of, I’m glad that Nike does a great job of keeping really good options decently stocked that will still stand out.  Before babbling on for too long about “the Nike’s I really like,” just check them out below… As you can see, I’m a pretty big NRG fan:





Nike-Roshe-Run-Graphic-Mens-Shoe-555445_440_AThere’s a reason why Nike is as good as it gets in the sneaker game… Just perfect.

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