Insert clever title about “Vests” here…

Living here in Chicago is great.  But one of the things I very much miss about the South is the ability to walk outside in a limited amount of layers without freezing my ass off.  I mean, I know locals up here will tell you that it’s been a “mild” winter so far, but I’m not feeling the same way about it.  I’m cold, and I can’t go outside with these temps without being dressed like this kid.  So, as I was saying, I miss the weather where I could walk outside with a sweater and a vest layered over it, and be just fine.  While I should be worrying about something more substantial and warm, I keep going back to shopping around for a new vest.  Whether it’s a puffer, quilted or even fleece, I’m a big fan of them.  Below are few of my current favorites…

203.2067-4Billy Reid… on sale!

BW008_1Suitsupply: Looks great over or under a sport coat.

10163785x1016628_zmFratagonia“… An old college favorite.

3C3RHH1black_lgBarbour Down Insulated Vest… How could I not include a Babour (or two, see below)?

89TKHH_lgBarbour Dunmoor… I’ve wanted this vest for quite some time now.

buffalo jacksonThis Buffalo Jackson vest seems like a great deal… Thanks to Caroline and Mark for the heads up!

While they won’t keep me warm enough on their own up here, still quite perfect for me!


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