Dolbeau: Manic Organic Bracelet

Well, I’m jumping further into mewlery game.  As someone who never wore much of it before, my interests in it have gone up quite a bit.  Dolbeau, a great accessories company based in Montreal, was kind enough to reach out to me to try out some of the goods they offer.  Having seen the brand featured on Valet and Free/Man, I was pretty pumped at getting the opportunity to try out some killer accessories.  Since my job does not require the need for a tie, I wanted to go for something I’d use more.  So why not more mewlery?  So I went with one of their Manic Organic Bracelets.  Each bracelet is handmade in Montreal from high-grade semi-precious gemstone beads coming from all over the world.  I chose the Terra Rosa jasper option… the folks at Dolbeau very cleverly describe it as such: “Terra Rosa Jasper, a.k.a. Porcelain Jasper, comes from Mexico and has light crème color that carries its accent bands of maroon and grey. It looks like the planet Venus… on your arm.”  The bracelet has a simple latch closure (as you can see below) that’s easy enough to unhook, although I haven’t taken it off since receiving it last week.  My only complaint is that it’s looking a little lonely next to my watch.  Guess it’s time to order a friend for it from the folks at Dolbeau.  Head over and check them out, as these bracelets are awesome!

Thanks guys.  I love the bracelet.  It’s perfect.


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