So far, I really haven’t been one of the bloggers on the bracelet/mewelry bandwagon at all.  All of us have seen it on Tumblr and Instagram: well dressed dudes with their summer camp friendship bracelets on peeking out from underneath unbuttoned, sprezzed-out surgeons cuffs.  It’s not that I thought they looked bad on them, but I was just so used to wearing only a watch that I had not yet partaken… until two weeks ago.  Shawn Reed of Form·Function·Form was kind enough to offer me a few of his wares to try out, and now I’m sold.

As you can above, I dove in headfirst to bracelet game and went all out, wearing two (this is sarcasm… clearly two bracelets is not a lot compared to other #menswear fiends out there).  The braided leather bracelet is a cheap thing I found, so the real star is the Bow Shackle Bracelet that Shawn made for me.  One of the things I love about Form·Function·Form is that the leather goods offered are totally customizable.  The Bow Shackle Bracelet that I selected is made with Essex Vegetable Tanned Leather from the blogger-approved tannery, Horween.  I then went with a red and blue thread color theme inspired by the old school powder blue helmets Ole Miss used to wear.  Shawn stressed to me that quality is top notch in what they offer, so he attached simple instructions: “Do not handle with care.”  So I’ve not worried about removing the bracelet at all over the past two weeks, even while performing activities such as playing ice hockey (photo below), working out, and even showering (the above photos were actually taken shortly after a shower, so the leather is still wet… hence, its darker coloring).

Shawn was also kind enough to send me a second bracelet, one that I will be wearing a hell of a lot of the time come summer: the Lure Bracelet.  As a guy who used to fish a bit while in college (who has the time anymore?), I love this bracelet.  For this one, I went with Horween’s natural chromexcel leather with green cord.  The hook is an authentic Eagle Claw hook, and the pewter fishing lure is an awesome touch.  Like I said, I’ll switch to that one once it stays hot outside.

In addition to these two style bracelets, Form·Function·Form also makes a third style, as well as a shell cordovan watch band, a wallet and a key fob.  All of the products are made by hand down in Flordia.  It doesn’t get any more perfect.  Thanks Shawn… To see what a few other bloggers out there think of their Form·Function·Form goods, check out Sartorial et al on A Headlong Dive.


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    • Those are a pair of CCM U+ gloves… either the 06’s or 08’s. I can’t remember. Think I’m going to order a pair of the Warrior Bully gloves that are on sale now though.

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