“A tradition unlike any other.”

Masters Week is a time I look forward to pretty much every week that isn’t the first week of April.  The excitement, the roars of the crowd, the numerous story lines… I love it all.  With play beginning Thursday, I’ll be cheering for my favorites: Adam Scott, Bubba Watson, and Brandt Snedeker.  Needless to say, I’ll be watching every shot, and if I can’t, I’ll have my iPhone out with the Masters app running and draining my battery.  The tournament is steeped in tradition, dating back to the inaugural Masters being played in 1934 at Augusta National, a club being only two years old at the time.  Created by the legend Bobby Jones and investor Clifford Roberts, the tournament has grown to be the most recognized golf tournament in the sporting world.  If you’re not yet excited about the Masters, head over to Red Clay Soul this week, as Jay is also devoting his time on the blog to this incredible tournament.  But before that, take a gander of some of my favorite photos of a few of the perfect men to walk the hallowed grounds of Augusta National courtesy of Masters.com.



Gary Player

Legendary Caddy Carl Jackson




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  1. You really got me with the pic of Seve… the world is less with his departure. You and I are of kindred spirits without downright adoration of all things classic and timeless.

    B.L. Davis

  2. I love the Masters: it’s arrival is confirmation that Spring is here and with it, sun, warmth and light. The course is always beautiful, and it has hosted some remarkable tournaments with astonishing results over the years.

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed, by the way. Judging by all the clothes related sites on your blogroll, I’m guessing you must have posted on or at least have read Styleforum at some point (as do I, under a diff username). Small world…

  3. I live near Augusta, and Master’s is such a nightmare. I mean, it’s great for tourism, but for us, it’s just seven days of hellish traffic. Funny enough, not many people here actually golf. Only the uber-rich old folks, and I suppose they golf everywhere.

  4. I never understood the fascination people have with hitting a ball… walking… hitting a ball… walking…
    However, you brought the sport to life for me. Thank you.

  5. I had the privilege of attending the Masters in ’09. My father-in-law took me, as his brother lives just one mile from the course and is on the list for tickets each year. I don’t think I said a single word that first day. I just wandered around with this stupid grin on my face…it was like being inside of a portrait. I love golf, and therefore I love the Masters!

  6. Oh man, the picture was so small that I thought it was a knight doing a little jousting (the flag looks a lot like lance with a banner or standard or favour waving from it, at least until you click to enlarge the photo on my phone). While I can’t say I’m not disappointed that this post wasn’t about tournament jousting or the Renn Faire, it did take me back to a time when I would sit outside of my grandparents house with my grandfather and watch professional golfers play in his backyard. I was a just a lad then but there was something magical about watching people I’d never heard of play a sport I didn’t really understand. My grandparents (my grandmother qualified for some senior LPGA thing right before being diagnosed with skin cancer and was unable to compete while she went through treatment), who were quite good golfers for old people at the time would then take me to play minigolf someplace close by. Pretty dear memories now in my late twenties with neither grandparent in any shape to play golf anymore.

  7. Nice post, great photos. I tried to play golf for a while but wasn’t that good.. I hooked or sliced my drives like 80% of the time. I definitely have a much bigger appreciation for the game now.

  8. What an honor for the young guns and the vets to play on a course with such a rich tradition. Great pics you added with some of the game’s greatest too. Putting on that green jacket is one accomplishment every pro golfer dreams of!

  9. I’ve never been able to attend The Masters, but it’s been my favorite tournament for as long as I can remember. History, tradition, excitement (like no other) – it carries an atmosphere unmatched in the game. Yes, the US Open and The (British) Open also carry history and tradition longer than The Masters, but the course, the club, the champions, make it, for me, the greatest tournament for the greatest game ever invented.

  10. Looking forward to spending the next couple of days on the sofa!! Can’t wait! We’re in the UK and it is commented on by Peter Alliss who makes it even more fun!

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