New Spring Footwear at Sid Mashburn

The new additions to Sid’s online shop have been slowly rolling in over the past few weeks.  With amazing suiting, colorful sport shirts, and a few pairs of canvas shorts that look to be just right, I’m wanting just about all of it.  But the real standouts for me are the new shoes.  As everyone knows, Sid’s shoes are amazing.  They are all classic styles, mostly made in England and Italy.  Besides his private label, Sid is also stocking a number other brands, including Clarks and Tretorn.  And while Sid’s shoes are (fairly) priced on the higher end, some shoes available are very affordable.  Head over and check them out… below are my favorites.

Sid Mashburn shoes… as perfect as can be.


2 responses

  1. I do like those…wish the sole on those white bucks was a little trimmer; reminds me (and mate it’s just the contrast) of my AE McTavishes…awesomely versatile casual wingtips, but the double oak sole is a bit clunky.

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