I’m not sure about other folks out there, but I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t usually put a lot of thought into what products I use in my daily routine to get ready each day in the bathroom.  Soap is soap, right?  But the folks of IZOLA were kind enough to reach out to me and let me try out a few products, and its changed my mind.  The skin on my knuckles always seems to be dry, year-round.  I was able to try out a bar of their oatmeal soap, and it really does help moisturize my dry skin (something I’ve not really ever cared about/treated).  They were also kind enough to send me one of their Green Moss candles.  While I normally (read: always) let my fiancée pick out the candles in our home, I must say I’m glad I can contribute with this one.  Every candle IZOLA makes is made in the US from 100% vegetable wax.  They also use only renewable resources, right down to the recycled glass container.  And, most importantly, it smells great without being overly fragrant.  My favorite part about IZOLA’s products though has to be the packaging.  It’s all old-world themed, so it looks cool… and that’s fine by me.  Besides soaps and candles, IZOLA has a lot more in their shop: shoe shine brushes, handkerchiefs, toothbrushes, and even flasks.  Go check out their wares…

IZOLA gets the Dreams of Perfection seal of approval… perfect stuff!



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