A shop that puts customer service above all else is a great place to frequent.  At Haberdash in Chicago, customer is king.  Most followers of the #menswear game have heard of Haberdash, so this may not be news.  But I will still continue with my tale, as it proves a testament to the store’s devotion to their customers.  My fiancée and I have a condo in Chicago.  While we don’t get to spend much time there, it’s always a pleasure to be in town and I always make a point to stop into Haberdash on North State Street when I can.  They really have an amazing selection of “#menswear approved” brands such as L.B.M. 1911, Alden, and Baldwin Denim (to name a few).  It’s always fun to spend a few minutes talking about quality clothing and footwear with the kind folks that work there and pick up a necessity or two each time I visit.  Upon my last visit just under two weeks ago, I picked up the red sport coat you see in the previous post. While I went back and forth on a color choice, the decision was made much easier upon discussion with Phillip, who happens to be the store’s Director of Customer Relations.  Almost a week later, Haberdash announced a promotion in which anyone who purchases an L.B.M. 1911 jacket will also receive a $125 Gift Card.  Because of the timing, I should have missed out.  Many companies will add even throw something in the fine print about how would not qualify for such a promotion.  But at Haberdash, they take care of their patrons.  Phillip reached out to me and said they’d be more than happy to mail me my Gift Card.  Now that is customer service.  For those of you who don’t live in Chicago, the store is more than happy to take orders over the phone (312.624.8551)… so get on it already and order yourself that L.B.M. jacket you saw on Tumblr, and Haberdash will take care of ya.

(Photos courtesy of Haberdash on Facebook)

Such a perfect shop is of course one of my favorite places to be…

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  1. Great post! Just wondering, how light is the L.B.M. 1911 jacket you bought? I know they’re unlined and made of cotton so they should be great for warm weather but some of the L.B.M. jackets I’ve tried on are fairly substantial and seemed a little too heavy for summer wear. Thanks!

    • Dan-
      Thanks for the kind words… This is actually my third L.B.M. jacket, and all of them happen to of different fabric weights. The red one I just purchased is fairly lightweight, but is made of sturdy cotton twill. It’s by no means “linen-light,” but it should be quite comfortable this spring/summer.

      In contrast, I have a much heavier/thicker cotton one that was apart of their fall collection. Maybe the one you tried was one of these… My 3rd jacket is actually the lightest being a virgin wool/mohair blend. When held up to the light, you can almost see through it. Very comfortable, very lightweight.

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