The “Go-to-hell” Sport Coat

We’ve all heard of GTH (“go-to-hell”) pants.  While a pair or two have their moments in man’s wardrobe, it’s something that many guys approach very cautiously.  If you’re one of those guys, you may want to stop reading.  Because, today, I’m writing in favor of going a step further with owning a “go-to-hell” sport coat.  Wearing a brightly colored jacket, or perhaps one with a loud plaid print to it, is no different from donning those GTH pants.  Anchor the look with simple and subdued pieces, and let the sport coat speak for itself.  And yes, it does take a bit of confidence to wear a GTH jacket because you are essentially “peacocking” yourself around and you will garner attention.  But done the right way, it’s a look that can be unbeatable.  Just don’t wear your GTH jacket with some GTH pants… lest you could end up with your picture on Nice Try, Bro.

This will be perfect for peacocking around this summer…

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