D.o.P. will resume it’s regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow…

Until then, and going back to last week, I am breathing and living every bit of the coverage leading up to the NHL Trade Deadline today at 3 PM ET.  I’m sure all the sports fans out there understand.  Big things have been happening with players like Jeff Carter, Wojtek Wolski, Kyle Quincey and Pavel Kubina being moved to new clubs as the playoff push nears an end.  But the big fish out there in the sea of trade-ables is superstar and Columbus Blue Jackets’ captain, Rick Nash.  And as of yesterday afternoon, my favorite team, the Nashville Predators, have apparently made a substantial offer for the big winger.  So it’s easy to see why nothing else in my life matters right now… I mean, if we landed Nash, think of how easy headlining writing will be for sports writers.  Ha!  Anyways, like I said, menswear and the like will return starting tomorrow.  Until then, join me in my obsession by following action on NHL.com or view live streaming of SportsNet coverage here.

The NHL Trade Deadline certainly is a perfect part of the season…


3 responses

  1. One of my favorite days of the year!! Kinda quiet though…disappointed of the lack of movement in Nash, and as a Sabres fan, Roy.

    Enjoy Gaustad though! Great team guy, good on draws and a killer PK guy. I’m surprised we got a 1st for him…but he will be missed in Buffalo. On my end, as much as it pains me to lose Kassian…I am pretty excited about Hodgson. We needed another skilled center BAD.

    • Yeah, I hate that the Sabres have struggled so much this year. There was so much excitement surrounding that team going into the season, it would have been an easy call to say they could win their first Cup. Hopefully they can get things going over the offseason.

      I was actually hoping we would grab Roy, but Gaustad will do nicely. He’ll be a good replacement for Smithson (who we traded away last weekend), but with added size and toughness. I’m not sure about giving up a first rounder for him since he’s more of an energy line guy, but hopefully the Preds can go far into the playoffs with his help.

  2. I was just going to click that I like the post rather than write a reply because I’m a Bruins fan and I don’t want to start an argument, but you don’t have a Like button, so I’m writing this.
    I do like the post, and that’s a great photo. Nash was definitely the big name for trading and I think pretty much everyone around the league was on their seats hoping for him (kind of like with Peyton Manning in the NFL recently). I’m was surprised that nobody got him. As for my team, we got a few small names at the deadline.. hopefully they’ll prove to be as big for us as Rich Peverley and Chris Kelly were last year.

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