Spring Outerwear

With spring only a month away, options for spring outerwear are starting to show up everywhere.  With so many to choose from, it’s really hard to go wrong.  The key is just to make sure you’re getting the right jacket with the right features.  Go for a classic style.  A well made parka, anorak or raincoat should last for years, so the style you choose should carry you through those years and not become irrelevent or “out of style.”  Also look for a jacket made of a cotton/nylon blend, lightweight waxed cotton, or even go the technical route with a fabric utilizing GORE-TEX technology.  These are my favorite this year:

Sierra Designs Light Parka

J. Crew Winslow Jacket

Penfield Gibson Jacket

Patagonia Super Cell Jacket

Whillas & Gunn Wesley Jacket

Stick with one of these or something similar, and any weather spring throws at you will be perfect.


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  1. Interesting discussion about parkas here: the statement that they last awhile. They do last sometime, however, they get dirty and there is a specific way to wash them or they lose their waterproofness. Most all have to be hand-washed which can be difficult for very dirty parkas or shells. Basically, you really gotta’ scrub. You can throw them in the washing machine if you like, just spend a few bucks and get a water-proofing spray. Some will hold it well. Others will not.

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