Bonobos Flatiron – Slim Straight Denim

For a company that built itself on an emphasis on pants that fit, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised in that Bonobos’ Flatiron Slim Straight fit jeans look pretty great.  While I’ve always be been a big fan of how Bonobos chinos fit in the waist and seat, I’ve always thought of the leg opening as being WAY too big for my taste (an easy fix at the tailor).  But judging by the fit photos on their website, they nailed it from top to bottom.  According to the details listed, they are made from White Oak Cone Denim from North Carolina, and the jeans have a medium rise with the same fit in the seat that all Bonobos pants are known for.  I’d be interested to find out what the weight of the denim is, as it’s not listed… But if you’re looking for some American-made jeans with a good fit, definitely check these out.

Looking pretty perfect, Bonobos… if anyone already has these, let me know how you like them in the comments.

{Editor’s Note}: There was some confusion as to whether these were selvedge jeans or not… Jim from Bonobos was kind enough to expand on it in the comments below.  The post has been edited to reflect his comments.  Thanks!


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    • Kyle, Actually I’m not 100% sure… I know White Cone is a solid producer of selvedge, so when I see that they provided the denim I assume it’s selvedge… If it’s not selvedge, please let me know and I’ll correct that. The fit looks spot on, but if it’s not selvedge then the price is probably not that great.

      • I’m not a selvedge snob or anything so I don’t think that 125 for entirely made in the USA denim is too crazy. Thanks for clearing that up Jim.

  1. Hey Kyle and Paul,

    For the Bonobos denim line, we worked with Cone® to develop a unique denim called “Wildcard” that’s featured exclusively in our jeans. While not a selvedge finish, it’s a great fabric that’s really starting to break in nicely for everyone here at the company. I’ve been wearing a pair of the Flatiron Rinse in the straight leg almost exclusively since I got my pair in November. We’ll be releasing a selvedge jean in our slim fit in the near future, so keep your eyes open for that as well.

    Jim from Bonobos

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