Gratitude and Recommendations

Any human being should know that when something good comes your way, a sense of happiness and gratitude should follow.  I’ve felt such  thankfulness and delight recently with how my engagement photos turned out.  Had it not been for the skill of our photographer, Caroline Fontenot (a.k.a. Mrs. Back Down South), then folks on Tumblr and any of my Facebook friends would really see just how unphotogenic I actually am.  She did a great job taking photos of my fiancee and I as we spent an afternoon in Franklin, Tennessee.  And I’m also happy she put up with us not letting go of a certain Tom Haverford quote: “Make your face better!”  So for any folks living in the South looking for a photographer for any event (or anywhere for that matter), I must recommend Mrs. Caroline Fontenot.  She’s the best, and she knows what will make for a great photo.

Thanks Caroline! We love our photos… they’re perfect.


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    • Bryce– The jacket is actually a grayish-blue with red checks in person… but boy, did it ever photograph as a purple color! It’s an L.B.M. 1911 jacket.

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