New Solid Knits at The Knottery

This is bordering on old news now, but for those of who haven’t seen it: new solid knit ties are now available at The Knottery.  Apologies all around for the repetitiveness of that sentence following the title of this post, but it’s pretty straight forward stuff.  A dark solid knit tie, especially navy, is a staple that every tie wearer should own.  But the brand is also offering some brightly-colored knits that will help one stand out a bit as well, such as blogger blue and blaze orange.  And as it always goes with The Knottery, these offerings are uber-affordable with prices ranging from $25-30.  If you haven’t jumped on board and purchased something from Jack and Jay at The Knottery yet, (to quote my mother when she’d get upset with me and my sister) WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!  Okay, okay… that’s a bit strong.  Still, you gotta get on this and grab a couple new ties.

More perfection from The Knottery… great job, guys!


3 responses

  1. At 60″ long, do you think they are a bit long? Knits at tiebar or Brooks Brothers are more in the 58 inch range, I believe. Not sure how big a difference 2 inches can make, but I imagine for the 5’9 and under crowd, it could make a difference.

  2. You’ve chosen my favourite colours for those,
    they look so fresh. My daughter bought me some long finger-less
    mittens for Christmas, I wore them once and now
    cannot find them anywhere! So sad, they were lovely and warm.

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