Custom New Balance US574

This is post is inspired a bit by Coop’s recent post over at To Take the Train.  While he’s trying to decide which pair of sneakers to get, I’ve decided on mine.  I’ve been wearing my Billy Reid sneakers a lot lately, and I’d like to get a new pair of New Balance’s to get in the rotation to break it up a bit.  So I’m getting a custom pair of 574s.  For those of you who haven’t spent much time on NB’s custom page, go check it out.  It’s pretty fun designing your own pair of New Balance shoes, which are made right here in the US.  The pair I designed for myself were inspired by one of my all-time favorite hockey team logos, the Hartford Whalers (now the Carolina Hurricanes).  Great players like Ronnie Francis, Mike Liut, and even Gordie Howe wore the Whalers green and blue.  So why not put those colors on my feet?  Add a clever heel embroidery on the shoes and I’m set…

Go design yourself the perfect pair and order them… they’re only $115.


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