BCS National Championship

As any sports fan out there knows, tonight is the game that will decide the BCS National Championship in a match up between Louisiana State University and the University of Alabama.  This game is somewhat shrouded in controversy as many college football fans really didn’t want to a rematch between these two.  To refresh your memory, LSU pulled out a close one against Bama in a defensive match up, with a final score of 9-6 in overtime.  But as an SEC fan myself, I am happy to see that the conference will be guaranteed to carry on the streak of National Championships it has earned over the past few years.  With both teams being squads I’ll usually cheer against (they’re both SEC West Division rivals to Ole Miss), I really don’t care who wins… but that won’t stop me from making a prediction.  While JRS has the same outcome in mind, I don’t think it’ll be quite so high scoring.  Sorry folks, we’re going to have nothing but an amazing defensive showing from both teams again.  I say Bama will take the trophy with a score of 12-10.  You can’t give the Dark Lord a second chance and expect the same result…

This should be fun to watch… So what say you?  What is your perfect outcome?  Guess the exact score, and there’s a prize in it for you (hint: a hat of your choice from here).


7 responses

  1. 12-10? I think it’s going to be high(er) scoring affair. I’m going something like 24-21 Bama. Roll Tide. Is it 7:30 yet? Hurry up Monday.

  2. Alabama will definitely win because it would throw the BCS into a tailspin. At least that’s what I’m rooting for.

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