Howard Yount Double Monks

Around the #menswear world, Howard Yount seems to be one of the solid “go-to’s” for trousers and accessories.  They also offer some beautiful shoes, as I’m sure many of you have noticed.  After months of crushing hard on their Cognac Suede Double Monks, I decided to just pull the trigger.  Now that a few weeks have passed, I’m still very happy with my decision.  The rich color of the cognac suede is something I could stare at for days.  While the toe is slightly more elongated than what I am used to, it’s not bad and my eyes adjusted quickly to the look.  HY’s site does recommend sizing down a half size, which I did.  The fit stills seems a little big, but a Dr. Scholl’s insert takes up the extra space.  While there are only few sizes left, you’ve got to check them out.  There aren’t too many double monks this nice under $400, so grab yourself a pair if they’re still available.

Can’t get over the color of these shoes… they’re perfect.


2 responses

  1. Great looking shoes. I was wondering how much darker are these shoes compared to Snuff Suede color?
    Keep the posts coming, I enjoy your blog.

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