Christmas with the In-Laws

Unless you actually don’t own a calendar, you all know that Christmas is less than a week away now.  While many other blogs have done an excellent job with gift guides (some fine examples: A Headlong Dive’s Sartorial Advent Calendar or RCS Holiday Gift Guide), busy work and travel schedules have not permitted me the time to put anything together.  So instead of telling you what to buy this holiday season, maybe you can at least take some inspiration from what I’m planning on wearing.  This year, I’ll be heading to Chicago to spend a few days with my future in-laws.  On Christmas Eve, we’ll all be getting together at my fiancée’s parents’ home, and it should be a great time.  For this reason, I’ll be keeping it on the more casual side, but still “dressed up” enough for a Christmas celebration.  So instead of a white dress shirt, I’m going with a plaid sport shirt; instead of flannel trousers, I’m going with cotton chinos; instead of nice leather oxford shoes, I’m going with some suede shoes… you get the picture.  Otherwise, I’ll still keep it “dressier” with a nicely fitted blue blazer and a clean silhouette all-around.  Like I said, I hopefully something as simple as this can throw some inspiration towards anyone looking for some.

Navy sport coat, J. Crew; Single pleat chinos, Dockers; Spread collar sport shirt, Rugby; Belt, J. Crew; Suede double monks, Howard Yount; and a poinsettia for the mother-in-law

Should be a perfect time this Christmas Eve!


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