Outerwear search finished… I hope.

For those of you who have read the few post I have written as of late, you know that I have been searching for a proper winter jacket.  I basically narrowed my thoughts down to a heavy wool coat (like a peacoat) or to go with a warm, down-filled jacket.  I’ve decided to go with the latter for the moment, at least.  In particular, the Penfield Rockford Down Jacket.  While this jacket can be found on Penfield’s site, Sid Mashburn is also carrying the jacket at a slightly cheaper price.  With a water-resistant and windproof shell and an 80/20 down and goose feather filling, I should stay pretty warm.  There are probably warmer options out there since this one lacks a hood and is slightly shorter, but I’ll also keep an eye out for deal on wool topcoat after the holidays.  So for those who have been asking how my search was going… here it is!

Should work out pretty perfectly… I hope.


4 responses

  1. Great jacket. I was looking at getting this from Sid a couple of weeks ago, but ultimately decided I needed a Barbour. Still have my eye on this one though.

  2. It’ll be dated looking in a few years and you won’t wear it anymore. A decent wool overcoat is timeless and can go from a suit to jeans.

  3. I agree on the wool coat… especially one that is long enough to cover a suit jacket. I’ve seen some nice full-length and 3/4 length ones out there.

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