Chester Mox

I usually don’t get a new wallet all that often.  In fact, I used one wallet for a good twelve years before retiring it.  But recently, I did get a new wallet: one made by Chester Mox, a leather goods maker based in Los Angeles, California.  You may have seen a few other bloggers talk about this brand, like on Red Clay Soul or The Bengal Stripe.  After just checking out a few of their offerings, it’s easy to see that Chester Mox really is doing it right.  The collection is full of very affordable pieces made with Horween leather, much of it being shell cordovan.  And an aspect that’s just as good as the price is the fact that each piece is fully customizable.  You can basically get any style they make in any leather they use, and also get it engraved.  For my wallet, I opted for the Wiry Flap Wallet in tobacco shell cordovan.  And I couldn’t be happier with it…

Go check out Chester Mox… Perfect leather goods.


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