The Knottery’s Latest Collection

As most saw on Tumblr yesterday, the guys at The Knottery released their latest collection.  With these new additions, it’s clear to see that Jay and Jack are really thinking outside the box to bring us amazing accessories at one of the most reasonable price points around the internet.  My favorites of the current batch of ties definitely have to be the cable knit wool ties and the one inspired by the iconic L.L. Bean Norwegian sweater.  The boys are also expanding their accessory arsenal with the addition of mohair lapel flowers and belts.  The belts, which will be available later this week, come in a hoof pick style and a suede D-ring, and are both made in the USA.  Check this stuff out, and don’t wait on buying anything… some styles are already sold out!

Hats off to a perfect job!  Looking forward to seeing the next batch already…


One response

  1. So, I never pay any attention to these tie companies because 1. I have about 80 ties; 2. I wear ties about 20 times a year; 3. They’re usually way over priced. However, that birdseye tie is pretty awesome, and for $25, that is a great price.

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