Billy Reid- Walton Peak Lapel Jacket in Chocolate Moleskin

Oh, were you wondering what the best way to spend $650 on me?  Yeah, I didn’t think you were… but just in case, this jacket is what you could get me.  So this is officially my favorite piece from Billy Reid’s Fall Collection now.  The Walton jacket is shortest cut jacket, which usually doesn’t fly with the taller folks.  But someone who is 5’8″ like me, it’s just right.  As with all of Billy’s sport coats, this one is made in Italy.  It’s got the details you need, featuring a 3/2 roll, peak lapels, and buffalo bone buttons.  That moleskin will also get one through fall and winter quite comfortably.  If you got $650, get this for me.  And if you have another chunk of change that big, you can get one for yourself too.  It’s cool, we can be twins.

Damn fine jacket… just perfect.


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