What a great birthday…

So this post is obviously more on a personal level, rather than a sartorial level.  But Wednesday was my birthday, and it was an amazing day.  My fiancée and I came to Chicago to celebrate it (and do a bit of wedding planning).  We headed out the catch a Sox game in some pretty hot weather.  I’m normally an Astros fan, and even though the White Sox swept my ‘Stros in the 2005 World Series, she’s a South Side girl so the Sox have been adopted as my American League team (plus, the Astros are ridiculously horrible as of late).  We had great seats in right field in the “Bullpen Club.”  Quite an experience: great sight lines, we had our own waitress that served us our beer and hot dogs, and it was pretty cool that we were pretty much were at field level.  It was a losing effort by the Sox (what was Peavy doing pitching that way in the 1st?), but it was one of the best birthdays I’ve had.  Thanks to my fiancée and her parents!

Such a perfect birthday…


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  1. My friends took me to a Mets-Phillies game at Citi Field for my bachelor party in 2009. The Mets were bad (shocker) and the Phillies were on a tear. I was double fisting beers, and we heckled a Phillies fan who was talking shit. He tried to start with me, but I had my posse with me, so he left and moved to another section. The point is that no matter what the reason is for going, a baseball game is always a great way to celebrate. It sounds like you had a fun birthday. That’s awesome!

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