Gap Selvage Update: One Year Later

In case you missed it, Skip purchased himself a pair a new pair of Gap Selvage denim… and he got them for a steal!  He asked me how mine were holding up, and so I figured I should do a post on them.  I’ve had my pair for about one year now.  Since then, it had a soak in the tub around the six month mark and then again about a week ago.  I also got them tapered just a tad to get a better fit.  So after one year of fairly moderate wear, I can now say that these jeans have held up very well.  The fades and whiskers have shown up nicely, but there are virtually no “honeycombs” behind the knees (which I think is kind of strange, considering how well they faded elsewhere).  Anyways, if you’re looking for a good entry pair into the selvage/selvedge world, grab a pair of these while they’re cheap.

Close up of the fly

Wallet fades

Right knee

Crotch shot

These are definitely great jeans considering the perfect price attached to them.


2 responses

  1. Mine look pretty similar to yours and are coming up on the 2 year mark. Soaked 3 times, never washed. I also find it a bit weird that there is almost no honeycombing behind the knees. Even after almost 2 years, it’s super faint.

  2. I hope you’re treating your jeans well, because the quality has gone considerably DOWN! I was kinda shocked when I went to buy a new pair of the selvage. All in all, keep up with the jeans you have, because they’re not worth picking up another pair.

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