I can haz new fall shoez?!?

Pardon the meme-ish post title… But in keeping with my trend of only wearing a few different pairs of good shoes, I would like to carry that act over into the fall.  Problem is, I still need to purchase some of these new fall kicks.  I still will get plenty of use out of my Edward Green loafers and my brown wingtips, but I need a bit more.  So think of this post as what I will be picking up throughout the fall months.  On my list are a pair of boots, a pair of suede saddle shoes, and a pair “blogger shoes” from ROTM (a.k.a the sand suede double monks they are planning on releasing).  I’m lucking out because my beautiful fiancée is giving me a pair of Indy boots for my birthday at the end of the month, so that takes care of the boots.  I’ll probably grab a pair of Walk-Over saddle shoes to get my fill of that style…

ROTM Sand Suede Double Monks (obviously, image not available yet)

Alden Indy Boots

Walk-Over Suede Saddles

What are your perfect fall shoes this year?

4 responses

  1. I like the Indy boots, but that white stitching kills it for me. I’ve been wanting a pair dress boots since last winter. They’re high on my list. I have a pair of taupe w/ dark brown leather saddle shoes. I’m think of getting a navy w/ brown leather pair. I’m not sure what I can wear them with, but they look ill.

  2. My girlfriend was going to hook me up with some Alden 403’s, but I literally don’t have any space for new kicks. I’m going to spend the fall breaking in some red wing chukkas and yuketen ring boots on a camp sole. Bringin’ it down to REAL casual.

  3. Nice work, getting the fiancee to gift you a pair of the Indy boots. My wife bought me a pair of Frye chukkas for my recent birthday, and I’m thinking of the Indys as a gift to myself. Unionmade in S.F. has a partnership with Alden, and they offer an Indy with a leather sole that looks awesome. And it doesn’t have the contrast stitching Eric mentions above.

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