Sub-$100 Boglioli

All unstructured everything… that’s all we know these days.  Thankfully, a lot of unstructured summer sport coats are going on sale these days too.  The Silentist was kind enough to point us towards Yoox’s Boglioli sale the other day.  After sifting through it, I noticed that there is one Boglioli sport coat under $100… quite the deal.  Unfortunately, it is only available in three sizes: 40, 42, and 44.  Bad for me because I wear a 38, but good for a lot of folks because those are fairly average sizes.  This particular jacket is beige and made from a linen/cotton blend.  Grab this if you’re still looking for a summer sport coat because this probably won’t be available by the end of the week.

I can’t quite think of a more perfect deal…


2 responses

  1. I just can’t handle the 3-buttons…. call me old fashioned. Two buttons or a 3-roll-2 would be PERFECT though!

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