Summer Shoe Rotation

Before spring and summer began, I took a look at my shoe collection with anticipation for the increased chance to wear the numerous pairs of loafers just sitting in my closet.  Now that we are smack-dab in the middle of summer, I have realized that I pretty much only wear a few of those pairs of shoes (which means I should probably get rid of some of the pairs I don’t wear).  And when I say “a few pairs,” I really mean three.  This is sad considering how many don’t get worn.  But the shoes I’ve been wearing the most get the most wear because, to put it simply, they look and feel the best on my feet.  Save for my pair of ivory nubuck wingtips (which are only worn on the rarest of occasions), I’ve only been wearing my Edward Green penny loafers, my old “Made in Italy” Cole Haan bit loafers, and my Billy Reid x K-Swiss tennis shoes.  Might not be very blogtastic of me to leave so many other great shoes just sitting in my closet collecting dust, but I’m okay with it.

What are the perfect shoes in your summer rotation?


7 responses

  1. I would substitute my boat shoes for a pair of the loafers, but otherwise it looks similar to my rotation: penny loafers, boats, and white jack purcell’s.

  2. Really broken in topsiders, beeswax desert boots and grey suede bucks. I need to replace the sperrys or sew them back together. I am considering replacing them with some penny loafers but I need something on the really casual side.

  3. Sperry Gold Cup Driving Mocs (dark pebble grain), White Chuck Purcell’s, Black Bass Penny’s bought before you were probably born (1983) at a great prep store long out of business in Santa Barbara, Ca (Loring & Co), Sperry Gold Cup Boat Shoes (hold up better than the classics, the memory foam is nice for the walking, Danner boots for hiking with the Mrs and plotting past the tourists at the San Ysidro Ranch, and some Ecco thingy for yard chores.

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