Dressing for College Football Season

College Football Season is only 39 days away.  That’s 5 weeks and 4 days counting.  I’m pretty excited, maybe almost as excited as JRS.  I’m planning on going to three different campuses this fall, all in three different conferences.  This year I’ll be heading to an Ole Miss game (of course), a Purdue Boilermakers game, and a West Virginia Mountaineers game.  Now, GQ has said that we at Ole Miss have the most stylish tailgate in football.  No t-shirts, no tennis shoes, and especially no jerseys.  I’m not saying that’s better than your average team t-shirt and shorts, but that’s just how an Ole Miss fan does it.  I like that the tradition of dressing up is still done on some campuses.  Students and fans used to look their best for games at any college campus 50 years ago. So if you are one to “dress down” for football game, I say give “dressing up” a try.  Obviously the way to do it to support your team is incorporate team colors into what you’re wearing.  For example, Ole Miss’ colors are navy and red: navy unconstructed sport coat, blue or red sport shirt, khaki or gray chinos.  Done.  For the Purdue and WVU games, I’ll just need to change up the colors.

It’s easy to go bold with a pair of red chinos even… either way, dressing up for a football game is the perfect way to do it.


10 responses

  1. Dressing up for the games was one of my favorite parts about college football at Georgia Tech…that and the drinking.

  2. I am Christmas shopping for my son who just got accepted to Ole Miss for Fall 2012… besides the navy blazer, what are the must haves? Chino pants? What about shoes?

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