Introducing- The Knottery

I’m very excited about this new tie company, for both personal and sartorial reasons.  The Knottery is a company started by one of my good friends named Jay and his business partner.  To understand what The Knottery is all about, it’s nice to know a little about Jay.  Jay, like many of us, is an avid reader of many of the great style blogs around the internet.  He is also a husband and father who appreciates style that anyone can have.  This is the main goal of The Knottery: offer ties and pocket squares that are “affordable style for the initiated, attainable style to the beginner.”  Each collection of accessories the brand releases will be limited runs that are season specific, obviously with the first batch geared toward summer.  All of the fabrics are sourced from here in the USA, and the ties are then made at one the more reputable garment factories in China.  This allows each tie to be very affordably priced at $25.  This current collection has ties made from slubby linen, to denim, to even actual US Navy digi camo fabric.  Jay was kind enough to send me an unlined silk knit, a striped seersucker tie, and a vintage chambray pocket square to try out.  Both ties are 3″ at their widest point, the perfect width.  The quality is great considering the price, both knotted well, and are about to get some serious use for the remainder of the summer.  The pocket square is a little smaller at 10″x10″, which is nice because it doesn’t feel like I have a wad of crap in my jacket pocket when stuffed in it.  All in all, it’s all great… I’m very proud of my buddy, Jay; and I am very excited to see his brand get rolling.  Go check it out!

Perfect ties, perfect price, and an all around perfect job by my good friend.  Now I just need to decide what others I’d like to order.


4 responses

  1. These look great, More fashion-forward than the tie bar. Also, the shepping is 17$ cheaper for my location. Do you know if they will be offering coupons or having sales?

  2. Roger- I’m not sure if they will be having sales… Highly doubt it at these prices. Anyways, if they were to have one, it won’t be anytime soon as the brand just launched this week.

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