Sid Mashburn Interview with Bearings

Part two of my post on the Bearings features is an interview we did with the ever so stylish Sid Mashburn.  The topic was on his e-commerce store that’s about to go live next week.  Give it a read, and make sure to sign up for the newsletter!

Since October 2007, men have been coming to Atlanta to experience one of the country’s best haberdasheries: a highly edited collection complemented by an old-school priority on service. Starting Wednesday, June 22 gentlemen (and ladies) will have a little easier access to Sid Mashburn (and Ann Mashburn) with the launch of their e-commerce sites. We got an update from Sid on his launch and what makes him tick.You’ve set a new standard in men’s attire, what can we expect from your online shop?
We are really trying to re-establish some old standards that I feel have been forgotten or swept up into being “updated.” We want to offer our online customer a resource that provides the best ingredients (fabrics, buttons, linings) from all over the world, the best quality – we stand behind our products 100%, and a fit that is not at all trendy but, rather, timeless & international – tailored but not skinny fit.

What types of items will be available on the site?
For men, we will be offering: dress shirts, sport shirts, trousers, denim, shorts & swim, footwear, belts & buckles and grooming tools.

When visiting your store it’s clear that you’ve cultivated a unique experience, not just a purchasing process. How will you apply this approach online?
We’re analog in our approach – we’re like the liner notes on an album. Our new site will always continue to evolve with customer usage & feedback.

Your influence can be seen on the street and in other brands, what do you hope your legacy will be?
That we care about every person that crosses our paths – we put our customers first and take great care of people.

You’re a man of depth and purpose; how do you find balance in life and keep everything in perspective?

My balance comes by the grace of God, a wonderful family, my wife and five girls, and a great job that doesn’t at all feel like work. We are very blessed by the people that work with us and by the people that continue to come into our shops, trusting us to clothe & care for them.
Can’t wait for this online store to get going… Of course it’ll be perfect.

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