Wardrobe: Fred Castleberry

Today, as many of you have probably already seen, Fred from Unabashedly Prep started a new feature in his “Dress Code” series called Wardrobe.  The reason why I’m writing about it here is not to copy his idea and do it myself, but to commend Fred for putting together probably one the most relatable and classic casual looks a man can wear.  There has been a lot of talk this week around the blog-universe about what’s stylish and what’s going too far on the experimental side (see EVERYTHING ON TUMBLR to get filled in if you don’t know).  And while Fred also will sometimes photograph (very well, I should add) some preppy looks bordering on the edge of “costumey,” I’m very glad that he highlights this look as his uniform.  This is a look that moves easily from season to season with only minor tweaks (such as changing out the linen jacket with a tweed one come fall).  Also, anyone dressed in this manner will never be accused of anything but being very well put together.  For folks out there trying to figure out their own style direction, this isn’t a bad place to start.

Good job, Fred.  You did it perfectly.


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