Kent Wang Polos

A bit of discussion on Kent Wang polos went down on Twitter a few minutes ago with CB, Matt, Jay and myself.  To quickly recap, we were able to fill Jay in on the awesomeness that is a Kent Wang polo.  I said I was very excited to wear them this summer while playing golf (except there was more cursing), while CB professed his excitement for pay day on Friday to place an order.  Thanks to Matt, we now know these wonderful polos are brought to us courtesy of a University of Texas graduate… aren’t Twitter conversations between style bloggers fun?  Okay, anyways… these polos offer what a lot of other polos don’t.  While most polo shirt collars are made of single layer of ribbed fabric, which can warp over time, Kent Wang polos has a collar “constructed like a woven shirt with a collarband and two layers of self fabric.”  This causes the it to keep it’s shape.  Also, the spread collar on it is all that is right with the world.  The shirt is listed as slim fitting, so pay attention the size chart.

At $65, these polos get seem to look more and more perfect.


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