Head to Toe- EASTER EDITION: J. Crew

Not only is today’s post apart of the Spring Edition of “Head to Toe,” we’re going full on Easter on ya.  Today’s “Head to Toe” look would be something great to wear to grandma’s for Easter dinner (thanks to Jay from Brooklynesque for the idea!).  While it’s fun to bust out seersucker and/or colorful madras on Easter, it’s not always for everyone.  So if one was wanting to leave the pastels to the Easter eggs, stick with the basics in lightweight fabrics.  A khaki sport coat, white shirt, and navy chinos are a great way to go.  I really like the Italian cotton piqué and linen blend Ludlow suit jacket from J. Crew.  It has a unique texture, and it has the breathability of linen.  Throw that on with a white linen shirt and navy chinos, and you’ll ready to get your Honey Baked Ham on.

And don’t forget to bring your grandmother some Easter lilies… she’ll think you’re the perfect grandson.


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