Head to Toe- Spring Edition: Billy Reid

With the upcoming release of the K-Swiss collaboration sneakers tomorrow, I feel like highlighting my favorite brand today: Billy Reid.  Now, you would think I’d include that shoe in this “Head to Toe” look, but sorry, I’m not.  That shoe gets it’s own post this week (after I purchase them).  Instead, I’m going to let another favorite piece from the Spring collection anchor today’s look.  I’m a huge fan of the Patterson blue and white houndstooth double breasted jacket.  This Italian made jacket is 100% linen, and let me tell you, it is heavy.  While the fabric is very thick, the linen still provides the breathability one expects.  Due to the busy pattern on the sport coat, let that do the talking while keeping the rest of the look subtle…

Now if you’ve been reading this blog for a minute, it’d be easy to see that I’m quite the “fan boy” when it comes to Billy Reid.  You could grab anything from his collection, and I’d think the look would be perfect.


6 responses

  1. JPW– The shoes will be $95… and unfortunately, I was informed last night that K-Swiss dropped the ball, and they won’t be available until the end of the week/beginning of next. Don’t worry though, because the shoes are awesome in person, and will definitely be worth the wait.

  2. Bummer about the wait…the price point is a litle steep for canvas kicks, but I guess Reid’s gotta eat. One last question; how available will the shoes be? Will the normal men’s sizes be gone in a hour?

  3. JPW– That I don’t know… Only advice I can give is keep checking their website. If you don’t see your size online, call up the closest store to where you live and see if they have your size/color. I know there aren’t many stores, but I bet they’d be willing to help.

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