Floral Arrangement

Floral prints seem to be pretty big this spring.  Whether it’s apart of a shirt or an accessory, it seems to be everywhere.  For my own tastes, I tend to stray away from such things as a floral shirt.  But I’ve found there’s nothing wrong with throwing it in here or there with a floral print silk tie.  Fred from Unabashedly Prep has a great series this week highlighting Rugby suiting.  One thing that caught my eye in many shots is the use of floral print silk ties in the styling.  It really inspired me to get more use out of the one I own, and I also want to find a second one to add to my collection.  It’s an easy and subtle way to add some color to a spring wardrobe.  Floral patterned ties can be found from numerous brands, including Billy Reid and Ralph Lauren.  Below are a few of Fred’s photos, plus a shot of my own floral print silk tie:


Photo credit: Fred Castleberry

My own tie…

The look might not be for everyone, but it’s perfect enough for me this spring.


2 responses

  1. I have been adverse to the whole floral trend this year, but this looks fantastic. I think this is the perfect way to add a little color and vibrancy to a spring wardrobe!

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