Gap Twill Slim Fit Khakis

After seeing the stamp of approval from Valet for these Gap Twill Slim Fit Khakis, I had to check them out for myself.  So this past weekend, I headed to the mall, and I must say, these pants are legit.  Gap’s slim fit pants were fairly hard to find for awhile, so I’m happy to see that my local Gap had quite a few in stock.  They are lightweight and soft, but still pretty sturdy; and these are ready for daily wear this spring.  While not online, I especially liked the navy version they had in store.  The price is consistent with what Gap usually offers, sitting at $59.95.  Not to mention, the huge array of size options is very nice… Head to the mall, or check them out online.

If they’re perfect enough for Valet, they’re perfect enough for me.


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  1. Waiting for some slim fit LEC to come in the mail, if those don’t fit the bill i’ll definitely check these out.

  2. I ordered the khaki and the brick during give and get on Friday, still waiting on them to ship. I tried the navy and the green ones on in store, and I fell in love with the navy ones, I’ll be picking them up with my 45% coupon on Wednesday.

    My only complaint is that the light blue and the green look beyond distressed, especially in the placket covering the buttons.

  3. Nick,

    Where did you get the 45% coupon?

    I like the red and navy best. I like the color of the blue too, but the distressing is too much.

  4. Thomas,

    They tend to hand out a booklet of coupons each month when you buy something. The coupons are always one for each Wednesday in the next month, and they’re 40% or 45% if you use your Gap card. Check your local Gap’s Facebook page, they usually post the coupons on there for all the ones in my area, just saying to show it to them when you check out, either printed out or on your phone if you have one that can view it.

    Hope that helps.

  5. GAP almost always has coupons available for 40% off (45%off) w/GAP card. They have been doing this just about every month since last summer. Whenever you make a purchase the sales associate gives you (or puts in the bag) a small folded “We Love Wednesdays” booklet. There is a 40% off tear-out coupon for each Wednesday of the month. The coupons are only good for regular price merchandise. You can score the 60.00 twill slim fits for 36.00! 33.00 if you charge it to your GAP card. Like most any store, some of the associates can be kind of bitchy and will only give you the “We Love Wednesdays” coupon booklet if you buy something. They insist it’s only with a purchase. Others are much more accomodating and will give you one or more booklets without a purchase. If I run into a bitch, I just buy something to get the coupon and return it later.

    Also, Banana Republic, which most Perfection readers know is under the same corporate umbrella as GAP, has very similar promotions.

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