Allen Edmonds MacNeil Sale

It’s a pretty well-known fact in the style blogosphere that one can’t wrong with an Allen Edmonds shoe.  The quality for what is paid really makes for one of the best deals around.  Allen Edmonds also made the deal a little sweeter.  AE’s version of the longwing, the MacNeil, is on sale for about $250.  This sale only for the calfskin versions, as opposed to the cordovan models which are still full price.  While sizing is limited, there are still quite a few sizes left in the navy color (Ryan has sung the praises of the navy longwing before).  Anyways, if you’re in the market for some new shoes, check these for your size first.

This sale has probably been mentioned elsewhere… but it’s too perfect not to mention again.


9 responses

  1. Grabbed the navy. And I hadn’t seen this sale elsewhere, so thanks for risking redundancy. Ever since I saw the Florsheim x Duckie Brown shoes were a bit out of my price range I’ve been on the lookout for cheaper navy longwings. Thanks Paul!

  2. You can get an additional $35 off with the soles4souls charity event going on. This brings the total to just $214. Make sure to actually send back a pair of shoes when you get your new longwings though.

  3. 100% agree with Speedmaster. My cordovan McNeils are the tops. They look good with everything, from casual to business dress. They are my dream of perfection!

  4. Off the topic but I just noticed j. Crew has their fireman’s jacket on sale for $248 with 30% off and free shipping. Thought you might be interested.

  5. Allen Edmonds shoes is on a boycott list because of $16,000 in donations by John & Joellen Stollenwerk to the campaigns of Wisconsin’s temporary Governor Scott Walker. Please join in this Boycott of Allen Edmonds Shoes and encourage others to join in too.

  6. Got the Shell Cordovans for $399!!! Unbelievable opportunity – shell cordovan is never on sale! Love them – always wanted a pair – couldn’t pass up this buy!

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