Team No Break: Dockers

Dockers really do rule the chino world.  Back in elementary school, I rocked some pretty sweet pleated Dockers as part as the school uniform (private school gangsta).  After a little time in the background, Dockers has regained it’s place in the world of men’s pants.  The focus on offering more fit options at very reasonable prices has brought them back on top.

Khaki Waders in Earth and Hazy Jade

It’s always been tough for me to find a pair of great fitting chinos.  I’m not a very tall guy… only 5’8″.  This is not the norm in my family as my first cousin is 6’10” or so.  A short guy like me thanks the the heavens for a brand like Dockers.  Any time in the past that I’d purchase a pair of chinos, alterations were always a must.  Taper and a hem, every time.  With my Dockers Khaki Waders, this is unnecessary.  The leg tapers nicely to a 7.5 inch leg opening, giving the legs a slim silhouette.  My awkwardly short legs make the 30 inch inseam seem a bit long, but a cuff or a roll makes the length just right.  I bought the Khaki Waders in three of the four colors offered: Carmel, Earth, and Hazy Jade.  All three of the colors get regularly rotated throughout the week.  Depending on the shoes I’m wearing, I’ll either give ’em a decent size cuff, or roll them twice (remember, I’ve got some crazy short legs).  We’ve also been having some great weather lately here in Nashville, so no sock wear has resumed… and this goes quite well with no break.

Carmel Khaki Waders with some “Go to Hell” blue camp mocs

Hazy Jade… at work.

Team No Break

For me, the Khaki Waders are pretty perfect chinos.  For you taller folks, seems like the SF Taper is the way to go…


This feature is a part of the series put together by Jeremiah called A Sartorial et al.

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5 responses

  1. At 5’10”, I think the waders are perfect. They look great with 6″ boots, too. The only color you don’t have, tobacco, is actually my favorite. It’s little lighter and oranger than the deep brown pictured on their website.

  2. I have tried both the Wader and the Taper and neither fit! It is so depressing because I love the look of both of them so much.

    The Waders are too tight on my dancer’s thighs and the Tapers are too wide in the thigh.

    I hope they come out with a happy medium!

  3. I’m glad you wrote about these pants. I bought one pair about 6 months ago and I tore a hole in the crotch, it sucked. I thought I would never find them again as I assumed they would be out of season and onto a skinnier cut like everyone else. I got 2 pairs off the website the other for $43 shipped. They had a huge markdown and an extra % off. Amazing. Seriously the best fitting chinos I have ever wore.

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