Thomas Leather Company… Revisited.

Some may remember my post a little while back about Thomas Leather Company.  Just a refresher, Matthew Thomas designs and crafts all goods from full-grain, vegetable tanned leather entirely on his own.  Even the stitching holes are punched out by hand.  Well, starting next Monday, February 7th, his Etsy shop is “reopening to the public” with another amazing batch of leather products.  Some new items that may appear are Apple Mac laptop sleeves, as well as a fitted cases for iPads.  The iPad case, in particular, is lined with soft black leather, giving a nice contrast to the rich brown exterior.  As always, he also does amazing custom orders.  A favorite of mine can be seen below…

Mac Laptop Sleeve

iPad Case

An Amazing Custom Made Holster

Click on over to his shop on Monday.  It’s all perfect.

4 responses

  1. This stuff looks great and I remember it was very reasonably priced. I was a little late on a wallet last time but this time I hope I won’t be!

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