Florsheim by Duckie Brown for Brooks Brothers

Now that’s a mouthful!  But joining the high quality ranks with Alden and Peal & Co., Florsheim by Duckie Brown is now making shoes for Brooks Brothers.  As of now, only a few styles are available on their website.  Included in the bunch are a pair of tan cordovan longwings, a pair of ivory pebble grain longwings, and two colorways of saddle shoes.  I’m especially liking the ivory longwings, as I hope to incorporate a pair of white/ivory wingtips into my shoe lineup this Spring.  I’m hoping the store here in Nashville gets some of these in soon, because I can’t wait to see them in person.  Until then, I’ll have to settle for drooling at them via the web.  Check them out for yourself…

Florsheim by Duckie Brown did a perfect job with these shoes, and I’m sure Brooks Brothers is thankful for it.

One response

  1. I am glad you like the shoes.
    Call any of us at Brooks Brothers in Nashville and we will do our best to get them in for you even if we do not get the collection.

    Thanks for your patronage


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