Club Monaco Collegiate Jacket

There are very few varsity jackets that I like or would even consider wearing.  I feel like a varsity jacket could go wrong so easily with a bad fit or low quality materials.  But Club Monaco‘s Collegiate Jacket from their spring collection is right on point.  Club Monaco is a pretty great brand.  The clothes look great, the quality is decent, and the prices are very affordable.  I’d like to get a closer look at this jacket myself, but unfortunately, the closest store to me is in Atlanta.  Anyone out there have any word on this varsity jacket?  How much does it cost?  How does it fit?  Has this stuff even hit stores yet?

Let us know what you think?  Because, knowing Club Monaco’s track record, this jacket seems pretty damn perfect.


9 responses

  1. Just bought this jacket in soho, so it is def in stores. I love it! The white leather sleeves are an awesome detail. It was worth every penny

  2. My only issue with Club Monaco jackets is sometimes they tend to be cut too short. You may end up finding the perfect fit in the shoulders and body, yet it might be cut too high. I wish they would pay more attention to this issue when designing their outerwear.

    PS—I would hold out till this guy goes on sale, Paul. There is a good chance you’ll likely be able to snag it for less than half price in a month or so.

  3. Thanks Sean!

    Justin- yeah, I probably will wait until it goes on sale to see if I can get cheaper. Not a huge deal if I miss out on it, in the grand scheme of things.

  4. $500 is pretty high for something from Club Monaco. I would definitely wait until this goes on sale and use a school ID to get an extra 20% off. Are they still doing that?

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